Signing-Up-Headers-1Well GOOD FOR YOU! I’m not sure how long you have been “thinking” about jumping on this crazy awesome journey, but I am about to make it super simple for you to get started. Whether you have been into the more “natural ways” of life for as long as you can remember, or you are a “natural newbie” and just now dipping your little toe into the oil (see what I did there)…my hope is that you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed this journey! Ready to figure this all out? Great, let’s get started.

Signing-Up-Headers-2Thank you for taking a deep breath. It helps you focus. Actually, I have no clue if it helps you focus, it just sounds dramatic and adds an extra flair to what could possibly be a boring post. We must keep it real. I am pretty positive that you are thinking the same thing I thought when I contemplated buying the Premium Starter Kit. Yep. You are thinking you are about to sign your life away…right? It was my biggest fear before I made my purchase. Let me put your mind at ease….

Signing-Up-Headers-3There, I said it…in colorful BOLD print. You feel better already, don’t you? Many times people believe they are signing up for something that will require them to commit to orders month after month after month for the next 10.2 million years. Now, I can’t promise you that once you begin using the products you won’t WANT to order month after month, but Young Living doesn’t require you to place an order unless you decide to place an order. Once I realized this was how they handled their memberships, it was GAME ON! Choosing the wholesale membership option allows you to purchase at wholesale prices. I recommend this route to all my family and friends.

Signing-Up-Headers-4Now, listen to me really quick…if you DO decide to begin ordering month after month after month, we need to talk ASAP about Essential Rewards. It’s my favorite thing about Young Living. You get to make customized monthly orders and earn points you can redeem for free products. Free is my favorite. I mean, who says no to free? Not me. Make sure to message me if you would like more information on this program. It will rock your world.

If you are ready to get started, go to the link above “Getting Started,” then click on Become A Member. OH MY WORD, you are really doing this…it’s going to be the best decision EVER!