Hello Friends,

When I first heard about essential oils I have to admit I thought is was mysterious, scary and unknown territory to me.  I thought how can little bottles of oils make any difference in my wellness and health.  Boy was I in for a BIG surprise.  

My oil journey started 6 years ago.  It has been a process of educating myself and learning what really worked best for my health needs and my family.  I decided to start experimenting on my husband Mark and daughter Brise.  I looked for any reason to test out the oils on my family and myself to see if they real could make us feel amazing.  Little by little overtime I found that they were working to support our health and wellness goals.  

Month by month, year by year, I started eliminating various toxic products from our home.  I love knowing that now we are living a healthier lifestyle with Young Living essential oils and plant based home and personal care products.

My goal is to help others learn and get education in understanding how to use essential oils safely and proactively for health and wellness.  Please let me know how can serve you and give you the knowledge to feel confident in trying these amazing drops of possibilities.  

Call, text or email me anytime,

Cheers to great health,