Savvy Minerals Cosmetics

Young Living has introduced a wide range of cosmetic products called Savvy Minerals Cosmetics and they have exploded in popularity! Savvy Minerals possess a lightweight texture and buildable formula which helps these products to blend into the skin flawlessly, resulting in radiant and natural skin. A variety  of shades are available for each cosmetic range so that they go perfectly with your skin tone.
The products are free from any harsh chemicals, naturally derived ingredients, and infused with essential oils. Savvy Minerals are designed in a way that you can feel beautiful and confident about yourself. It helps enhance your natural beauty.
The following products make up the Savvy Minerals Cosmetics line from Young Living:

  • Foundations: These foundations blend extremely well with your skin tone to give you a flawless, radiant finish for a perfect look
  • Lipsticks:  Naturally derived and buildable lip colors with high impact shine make your lips stand out. These lip colors are smooth, weightless and perfect for everyday use.
  • Eyeshadows: Savvy Minerals provide multi purpose powder that can act as an eyebrow filler, eye shadow, and eyeliner. Perfect for any rich color look!
  • Contour Powder:  Easy to blend mineral powder is the right choice for anyone who wants a warm complexion and healthy natural glowing skin.
  • Veil:  This translucent powder smooths and evens the skin. It works great for absorbing oils from skin and to give a final luminous finish.
  • Blush: It gives a soft color to your cheeks that makes you look beautiful, effortlessly.
  • Misting Spray:  The pigment and particle controlling spray are beyond amazing that gives a perfect complement.
  • Makeup Brushes: soft, high-quality brushes are great for Savvy Mineral powders. Remember, a great product without an applicator is less effective, so this kit is a must have!

I will be soon providing more details about each of our products in upcoming posts.  Visit my blog regularly to get the latest updates!

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